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Ever thought about space pollution, how it is relevant to our day to day routine life? Ever tried to know how the space missions are designed, how it operates, what are the risks, involved in a space mission? Ever wondered what psychological and physiological effects will space travel have on your body? We are working towards its understanding and possible solutions.

  • Research (across India, USA, and UK)
    • Aerospace Science & Technology
    • Management and Space Law & Policy Issues
    • Aerospace Medicine and Life Science
    • Climate Change and Sustainable Development
  • Project management
  • Business support
  • Development consultancy in aerospace industry and organization challenges and competitions.
  • Promote the advancement and dissemination of knowledge relating to Aerospace Science, Medicine and Space Law.

  • Group of professionals and university students in the areas of basic science, engineering, international politics, law, communications and medicine, among others, with the promise to work for the introduction of advancement in aerospace research and development.

  • Our Strength:
    • Self Confidence, Research facilities in coordination with different collaborations,
    • Vast library resources,
    • Dedicated teams for practicing the research internationally with the publications and presentations,
    • Ability to take the initiatives,
    • Local and Global Reorganizations