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With the building of the international space station (ISS), humans are committing themselves to a
continuing presence in space, space travels and space stays have become usual in past one decade. Havingplans of sending humans again to the moon and even to the neighbour planet Mars (NASA reports,2008), it has become essential for space psychologists and psychiatrists to explore the challenges thatwill be faced by space travellers during their longer stay in the space. Here, we review the research sofar in the aspect of understanding psychological, psychiatric and psychosocial issues which have been involved in space travelling using the previously published scientic articles in various internationallyrecognized journals. Various studies and statistical data have shown that space scientists go throughvarious psychological pressures as they adjust to being so far away from Earth, which could lead to depression and interpersonal conicts. We also discuss a new age of technology of using specializedcomputer programs as well as development of virtual space stations on earth to help space scientists indealing with the psychological issues they might face during their stay in space. Reviewing the researchdone in thefield so far, we also focus on using these aspects and data for commercial space travels anddeveloping a strategy as part of the health and safety issues involved in space tourism as an industry.