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Space Pollution Management and Environmental Issues

The rapid and wondrous pace with which mankind has changed the way of life on earth in the past six decades is a testimony to his creative brilliance and ability to convert his dreams and ideas into reality. Nations and states branded as inert economies till recently, are the new challengers and are poised totake over the mantle of global leadership. But the developments that have changed our lives unalterably,have invariably come at a price which threaten to prove these great strides to be a curse instead of the blessing that they were meant to be. Since the 1950s, many satellites have been launched to serve ascommunications relay devices and image sensors Unknown to millions of inhabitants on earth, their lifeis being favourably influenced by space activities. Space probes, more particularly satellites in space,provide data on varied subjects which helps immensely even in our everyday life. Regrettably, in his pursuit of pushing new frontiers, he has, however, paid scant respect to the environment in space. With the impressive and spectacular advancement in space came the beginnings of space pollution. Today, spaceis littered with toothbrush, garbage bags, non-functional satellites and booster rockets. It is a matter ofgreat concern since collisions at orbital velocities can be highly damaging to functioning satellites andcan also produce even more space debris in the process. The space wreckage continues to orbit the Earthon paths that cannot be controlled from the ground. Collisions are common and pose a danger to activesatellites. Proposals have been made for ways to ”sweep” space debris back into Earth’s atmosphere toabsorb impacting junk and eventually fall out of orbit with them trapped inside. Innovation is neededto solve this problem and retain the use of the invaluable LEO altitudes, and a combination of manualdeorbiting and graveyard orbit salvage will probably be the most doable. What, however, emerges as aninescapable conclusion is that life on earth will not remain unaffected and impervious to the increasing changes in space wrought by us and we all realize that we are both the perpetrators as well as the victims.It is time the entire mankind got together to make a concerted attempt and to strive and work towardsto a solution, even if hard or unpalatable, so we may continue our endeavours in our indomitable spirit forthe betterment of life on earth.