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Ever thought about space pollution, how it is relevant to our day to day routine life? Ever tried to know how the space missions are designed, how it operates, what are the risks, involved in a space mission? Ever wondered what psychological and physiological effects will space travel have on your body? We are working towards its understanding and possible solutions.
  • As the universe continues to mesmerize us with its mysteries, we at Aryavarta Space Organization (ASO) try to demystify these puzzles with research directed in the field of science, policy, medicine and aerospace technology.

  • With our research projects aimed towards developments in the arena of space, our non government organization brings together people with enthusiasm and an inclination towards issues related space studies.

  • We are registered at
    • The United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (NGO Branch) as a Civil Society Organization
    • The Research Directorates-General of the European Commission
    • In India under Trust Act (F/14964/A'bad) and Society Act (Guj/15167/A'bad)

  • We have research operations in India, UK and USA

  • We (Green Layers, ASO Intl.) are approved and accepted by United Nations Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform

  • Member, Space Planning Commission at International (Hq.: Washington DC, USA), for International Charters and Operations in Space Sector

  • To realize integrated growth of aerospace development, technological innovation and its applications in human development and the society.

  • To promote research, development and innovation in aerospace industry, through effective transfer of knowledge and technology for the benefit of the people.