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Ever thought about space pollution, how it is relevant to our day to day routine life? Ever tried to know how the space missions are designed, how it operates, what are the risks, involved in a space mission? Ever wondered what psychological and physiological effects will space travel have on your body? We are working towards its understanding and possible solutions.
  • Serve as a link between industry, government and academic sectors to promote activities related to research, development and innovation in aerospac studies and technologies, and the promotion of local and international co-operation as well.

  • To promote the integration of strengths, capabilities and efforts of academy, industry and government sectors in order to ensure the development of space industry for the benefit of the society.

  • To ensure education and capacity building through effective transfer of knowledge and technology, seeking opportunities to develop the industrial capacity in the region via innovative solutions.

  • To promote local and international cooperation in order to allow civil society to participate in global space networks, projects and educational programs.

  • To stimulate the interest of new generations to become involved in space activities, through the participation in nation wide activities like the "Week of Science, Technology and Innovation", and other national and regional events / workshops / conferences.

  • To promote the development and application of space technologies in all fields of human life, including: Natural disaster prevention and mitigation, protection of cultural patrimony, management of hydraulic resources, weather and climate change, food security, scientific research, among others.    

    Work Sectors (Green Layers, ASO Intl.)

    1. Law & Institution:
    Capacity Building, International Legal Institutions and Mechanism, Partnership for Sustainable Development, Regional Efforts & Technical Cooperation
    2. Policy:
    International Agreements, Indicators, International Framework for Sustainable Development, Integrated Decision Making & Partnership, Global Cooperation for enabling environment
    3. Science & Technology:
    Desertification, Land and Agriculture, Disaster Risk Reduction, Water & Sanitation
    4. Energy & Environment:
    Climate Change, Green Economy in Sustainable Development
    5. Sustainable Cities:
    Demographics, Human Settlements, Sustainable Transports
    6. General:
    Education, Reducing risk from environmental pollution and hazards.

    Participation (2007 onwards):

    COSPAR (Committee on Space Research) Assemblies, International Astronautical Congress (IAC), UN OOSA – IAF Workshops, UN OOSA Working Groups during various workshops on integrated Space Applications, Global Space Conference, Knowledge Management Workshop (India), Space Generation Advisory Council, International Space Conference and many more National and International Seminars

    Projects undertaken:

    • Aryavarta : Development of cost and Energy Efficient Space Observation and Space Transporation System
    • Interplanetary Mission Design and Analysis
    • Threat of Space Debris and Debris Removal from Orbits
    • Radiation Hazards in Space and effects on Human
    • Psychosocial and Psychological issues during Space Travel
    • Effect of Gravity Variation on Human bodies
    • Space Tourism: Bottlenecks on the Road to Profitability (Issues, Opportunities and Challenges posed by the industry)
    • Sustainable usage of Space and Space Security
    • GNSS / Remote Sensing Applications and Climate Modeling for Agriculture Purpose
    • 1st International Space Conference 2012 (Duration: 02 Days, Participants: More than 200, Research Papers: Around 25, Supported by Defence R&D Organization (DRDO), Ministry of Defence, Govt of India)
    • 2nd International Space Conference 2015 (ISC 2015)

    On Going Projects:

    • Cyclone Tracking and Geographical Vulnerability Assessment for State of Gujarat (India) – Pilot Study (Socio-Economic)
    • Sustainable Usage of SATCOM Applications
    • Strategic Planning : National Space Policy of India
    • Climate Change &Earth Observation: Soil moisture measurement by radar or GNSS R
    • Challenges, Issues and Opportunities for developing countries in Sustainable Development (An initiative project of Green Layers)
    • "MOSES" – Managing crOp water Saving with Enterprise Services
    • It's Tomorrow –an international research on climate change and its impacts and effects on the earth
    • Growth of Space Debris: A technological roadmap to remove debris from the orbit and legal concerns